USS Sphinx





Myths and whispers, they are the foundations of any society.

Myths of Gods gone mad and demons running a rage...

Battles of frightening heros struggling against epic foes; these are the things which drive minds and imaginations of entire peoples alike.

But what if they where true? What if you could walk amongst your most wonderous fantasy...

Or forced to be chased by most terrifying nightmare...

On the ship of blood and dreams, where nightmares become realities, and realities become nothing but dreams, anything can happen, on the ship which must battle the stars themselves.

Welcome to Pegasus Fleet's pit of blood and magic...Welcome, to the Starship Sphinx.

There are those that say: "...Everything has a logical explanation. Its just a matter of finding it." Never before has that saying rung true, than aboard the USS Sphinx. However, on a ship which has lost every crew which had ever served aboard her, some believe that the truth may just be stranger than fiction.

Assigned by Pegasus Fleet to patrol and explore the farthest unexplored regions of Federation Space, the starship Sphinx is poised to uncover the truth of not only her own past, but of a history hidden away from the rest of the galaxy. Mysteries which strech deep into the mysths and the whispers of many species, and bare a truth which my just be the trigger which chages the whole of history.

Join Commander Mecatl Qian, a man whom is said to doom every vessel he sets foot upon to a firey demise, as he and his crew of mis-fits and rogue officiers travel into the unknown.

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