USS Sentinel





The first of her class, the USS Sentinel is true to her namesake; an unwavering guardian. Launched in 2383 under the command of Brenda Weaver and subsequently commanded by her first officer, Rentok of Vulcan in 2385 and second officer Erik Tsereteli in 2389, the USS Sentinel has excelled at her mission of patroling and protecting the Federation's borderlands.

Under Brenda Weaver, the USS Sentinel patrolled the demilitarized zone along the border with the Cardassian union as well as the borders with the Ferengi Alliance and Breen Confederacy. While technically peacetime for the Federation, Starfleet’s previously weakened stature after the Dominion war had allowed numerous pirate organizations to spring up in less populated regions and the Sentinel found itself at odds with the raiders frequently. Captain Weaver made a name for herself and her ship by routing the bandits with as little force as possible, often warding off the privateers through sheer intimidation.

Under Captain Rentok the Sentinel took on a more active role in covert operations and preparedness drills as new threats lurking in the dark became known. The Sentinel engaged numerous previously unknown species along the Federations core-ward border and made several incursions into the Taevon expanse in search of potentially hostile forces. The search culminated in the covert operation into the Hades system in 2387, the Sentinel assigned to escort a group of stealth recon ships as they assessed the threat of the newly discovered Yang Zutal.

Now under the command of Rear Admiral Erik Tsereteli, the USS Sentinel has been placed at the head of Horizon Fleet's Task Force 22 and assigned the often dangerous mission of identifying new and existing threats beyond the Federation's coreward frontier.

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