The Future Fleets site is dedicated to helping simmers, Commanding Officers, and Fleets be successful. We know how difficult it can be to find a good simm or fleet, but we also know how difficult it can be to run a good simm or fleet. To that end, we have compiled a small collection of assorted resources and tips which Commanding Officers and Fleet Personnel may find useful.

Simm Management
  • Nova - Simm Management System
  • phpBB - Free, Open Source Bulletin Board Software
  • TRSM - No longer publicly available. This was an alternative to Nova and it's predecessor, SMS.

Fleet Management
  • Obsidian Fleet IFS: No longer publicly available.

  • Obsidian Fleet offers a great Banner Exchange program which mostly consists of other Star Trek-themed simulations and fleets. Join the exchange, add some code to your site, and your banner will start displaying on other sites.

  • Kuro-Chan of Kuro-RPG.net provides simmers with amazing rank images, free of charge.
  • Sci-Fi Avatars provides simmers with a wide variety of options for players who need a profile picture for their characters.
  • Many very talented artists post new, original Star Trek-themed images in the forums of SciFi-Meshes.com. These can be useful when trying to provide images of your simms, but always make sure to provide credit to the original creators, and ask for permission whenever possible.
  • Traditional Stardate Calculator: Assumes Stardate will increase by 1000 per year.
  • Canon Stardate Calculator: Uses established canon to precisely calculate Stardates.
  • Future Fleets Article - Calculating Stardates: Brief explanation of how most simms calculate stardates.

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