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Weekend Additions

Posted May 15, 2010 by Ambassador Mordred Ocal

Work Completed:
     -Phase Two: "Starfleet Database" Page (Simm Profile)
     -Phase Two: "Add Characters" Feature ( Federation/No Alliance )
     -Layout Changes to Member/Admin Headers
     -Graphic Updates to Member/Admin Menus

Work In-Progress:
     -Phase Two: User Control Panel

Next Up:
     -Phase Two: Profiles for Fleets
     -Phase Two: "Open Positions" Feature
     -Phase Two: Search Pages for Characters, Simms, Fleets, etc.
     -Additional Changes to Theme/Graphics


Character Database

Posted May 14, 2010 by Ambassador Mordred Ocal

    More progress today as we completed a great deal of work on the "Personnel File" page. In its current form, it will automatically display the image, name, rank, position, simm, species, gender, bio, and fleet logo (with link) of any registered character. At launch, it will also display any character notations and awards.

    Why is this useful to you? For one, many players use the same character when they leave one simm and join another, but they don't keep any of the awards they earned. By registering their character with us, players can keep track of their accomplishments from simm to simm!

    Another great thing about this feature is that it allows Fleet and Simm leaders alike to look at a character's profile and determine whether or not they have the experience and credentials to take on difficult or time-consuming roles.

Work Completed:
     -Phase Two: "Personnel File" Page (Character Profile) Completed and Tested


Phase Two in Progress!

Posted May 13, 2010 by Ambassador Mordred Ocal

    We are pleased to announce that work on Phase Two has begun! Please keep checking back over the next week or so as we continue to post updates on our progress.

Work Completed:
     -Phase Two: New Display Functions Created and Tested


Phase One Complete!

Posted May 12, 2010 by Ambassador Mordred Ocal

    Well, after a year of planning and a month of non-stop coding, we have FINALLY finished Phase One of the Future Fleets site! At this moment, the site's administrators are fully capable of populating the database with all of the essentials they need to work on Phase Two and beyond!

    So, what comes next? Well, for most of the day, we are planning to assess what needs to happen in order to proceed with Phase Two. That may mean changes to work we have already completed, or it could mean some testing of stuff we will need to complete many of the site's upcoming features. Either way, please keep checking back for updates as we continue to make progress toward the site's launch later this summer.

Work Completed:
     -Admin "Add Character" Page Completed and Tested
     -"Astrometrics Officer" Added to Position Database


Phases One, Two, and Three

Posted May 11, 2010 by Raemet

    After an exhausting twelve hours of coding, we are preparing to call it a night here at Future Fleets. A great deal of progress was made today, including a LOT of work on the Admin "Add Character" page which took up most of our day. Alas, we were not able to fully complete this last critical page as anticipated, but we should have no problem finishing tomorrow, thus bringing an end to a year of planning, development, and implementation for Phase One of Future Fleets.

    And so tomorrow we will begin Phase Two, which essentially means that we will be taking all of the admin pages and databases we spent the past month creating, and we will recode them to work as User Pages. Before we can move into Closed Beta Testing in June, we must complete nearly two dozen new pages. For reference, Phase One involved creating roughly the same number, except this time, we will be pulling information out of databases and then sending more information back into them. See the news item below for more information on Phase Two.

    Finally, we are hoping to enter Phase Three by mid-July at the latest. This is where all of the pieces come together and a million more are thrown in. If you ever wanted to have a simm that was interactive -- truly interactive -- you will want to be around for the completion of Phase Three. It will be a bold new step in the world of simming, and we sincerely hope that you will be a part of it with us.


New Week, New Updates

Posted May 11, 2010 by Ambassador Mordred Ocal

    Now that a new theme has been tested site-wide and new graphics have been approved for use until Beta Testing starts in June, we are hoping to complete Phase One of the site today. That means we'll be done with all work on the preliminary Admin pages needed to pump the database full of random information like ranks, positions, departments, etc.

    As Raemet pointed out on Sunday, the graphics will probably change again before the site goes into Beta Testing next month, and then continue to change until everyone seems satisfied with them. However, since we are relatively satisfied with the overall look and feel of things, we are now free to spend all of our available time on getting the Simm Database up for Alpha and Beta Testing.

    Now, some of you may be wondering what this Simm Database is all about. Essentially, it will allow users to register their simms and advertise them for free on our site. The more people who register, the more useful the database becomes. Further, people browsing the site will be able to search for simms to join by Alliance, Fleet, Class, or Open Positions.

    That brings me to our next feature which will also go into testing soon: Open Positions. Once a simm's owner registers with us, they will be able to post up to ten open positions on our site. Visitors can search through these using similar methods as mentioned above, or they will be able to view the positions automatically when they visit the simm's profile on our site. Finally, if they are interested in applying for a position, they can click on the link and travel directly to the simm's website.

Work Completed:
     -Updated LCARS Theme (Yesterday)
     -Minor Graphic and Layout Changes
     -Admin "Add News Item" Page Completed and Tested
     -Added 19 Departments to Database (Simm/Fleet/Alliance Level)
     -Revised "Add Position" Page to use Department Database
     -Added 66 Positions to Database (Simm/Fleet/Alliance Level)


Theme Changes

Posted May 9, 2010 by Raemet

Over the next week or so, we will be attempting to test new themes and graphics on the site until we find a suitable combination for the launch of Beta Testing for our Simm Database in June.

Please be patient with us as things are bound to look odd at times and possibly change around quite a bit between now and then.


Weekend Additions

Posted May 8, 2010 by Ambassador Mordred Ocal

Not too sure how much will get done this weekend, but just to be safe, here's a weekend log:

Work Completed:
     -Updated and Tested Stardate Formula
      (now accurate to the minute instead of the hour)
     -Admin "Add Open Position" Page (Version 1)


End of Week Notes

Posted May 7, 2010 by Ambassador Mordred Ocal

Things are really starting to wind down with Phase One this week, and once all of the basic Admin Features are done, we can begin work on Phase Two, which involves the creation of the essential User Pages needed to register and search for simms, fleets, and open positions.

Work Completed:
     -Admin "Add Simm" Page Completed and Tested
     -Admin "Add Department" Page Completed and Tested
     -Admin "Add Position" Page Completed and Tested
     -Admin "Add Species" Page Completed and Tested
     -Admin "Add Rank" Page Completed, Altered, Debugged, and Tested
     -Preliminary Stardate Formula Computed and Tested


More Progress

Posted May 6, 2010 by Ambassador Mordred Ocal

A little more progress made today after the last two days were spent refining our plans for upcoming features a bit. Here's a quick look at what we've done and what we'll be working on over the next week or so.

Work Completed:
     -Admin "Add Class" Page
     -Tested "Add Fleet" Feature


Site Updates

Posted May 3, 2010 by Raemet

Some of our visitors have expressed concern about the layout of the site based on how the main page looks, so I wanted to reassure everyone that, once the Simm Database launches, the Members-Only sections of the site will be themed according to the Alliance of the player's active character. That means Federation characters will have an LCARS-like interface with some Future Fleets modifications for ease and appearance.

Please keep in mind, though, that the site is ever-changing, so layouts and graphics are bound to be updated as time goes on based on the needs of the site and the input of our members.


Latest Updates

Posted May 3, 2010 by Ambassador Mordred Ocal

Greetings all!

Today we have made some progress on the administrative side of things. We have debugged the "Add Alliance" feature and have completed work on the "Add Fleet" feature. That means the rest of the week will be spent working on two of the three most labor and time intensive admin pages on the site - "Add Class" and "Add Simm."

The reason these two features are so labor intensive is because they require a TON of attributes. If you think about it, defining all of the various aspects of a ship or a ship class requires dozens of different statistics. How many officers and enlisted is a specific class supposed to have? How many does this particular simm have? What is the simm's name? Registry? Prefix? Alliance? Fleet? Task Group? Armaments? As we continue to design and create this game, we are doing our best to make your simms come to life, and that means we have to pay a LOT of attention to detail in the beginning.

Currently, our goal is to have all of the administrative functions up and running by month's end, that way we can begin work on all of the site functions we need to create a Simm Database - a special feature that will allow Simm owners to register and advertise their simms. Once this feature is up and running -- hopefully by the end of the June --  we can begin working on the more complicated aspects of the game which will really bring it to life...


New Graphics

Posted March 9, 2010 by Raemet

We hope everyone is enjoying the new graphics we have been adding to the site!

We will be making regular changes to this page as new features are added and different graphics/layouts are tested. Thank you in advance for your patience with us while this is all taking place.



Posted March 8, 2010 by Ambassador Mordred Ocal

Welcome to the all new Future Fleets site!

We are working very hard to bring you the first of our exciting site features by the end of the spring, so please keep checking back for updates!


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