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Posted October 24th 2013 by Mordred Ocal

We have been hard at work this week trying to push out as many updates as we can before month's end.

Since our last news post we have made the following changes to the Future Fleets game:

  • Action icons now appear on the Social Sidebar if you can fight, attack, scan, heal, or fire a weapon at someone.
  • Characters can now fight each other if they've learned hand-to-hand combat skills.
  • Characters can now use medical instruments to treat injuries.
  • Characters can now scan each other using Medical Tricorders.
  • Armed characters can now specify their energy weapon's power setting.
  • Armed characters now have an "[ARMED]" identifier over their profile picture in-game.
  • Characters can now service and repair components which aren't working properly or are damaged.
  • We have rethemed the "Components" section of the Explore page.

We will be continuing our development efforts this weekend after spending tonight and tomorrow figuring out what should be next up and how we should approach the remainder of this month's to-do's. The remaining systems which have not been converted to FFv3 are our location-specific Chat, Shipyard, and Workbee features. We will also be adding an all-new Skill Management page, rethemeing the Explore page, and retheming all of the Console Function pages which have been converted. Finally, we will be performing a full code review to ensure that all of the FFv2 features have been properly converted to match our FFv3 coding standards (many have just been given a light, preliminary conversion so that they just "work").

November is going to be a very exciting month for us because we have a dozen new systems we are going to be adding! This includes new features like Missions and Rewards, Planetary Resources and Mining, Exploration and Discovery, Colonization and Trade Routes, Reputation and Influence, and Capture/Claim Star Systems. We will also be adding more tasks to our extensive list of skill-based options like Excavate Ruins, Research, Experiment, Analyze Samples, and more! As with all tasks, these will provide stat increases, generate task-specific items (for example, the Excavate Ruins task will generate a random artifact from the appropriate culture), and count towards Missions and Rewards.

We will then be able to spend December polishing everything up, finishing whatever wasn't completed in November, and preparing for a January launch.

And speaking of launch, on Saturday, we will be retiring the first of our Pre-Launch Promo Items, the Deep Space Nine/USS Defiant Painting. This rare decoration has only been claimed by a few characters so far, so if you haven't gotten one yet, and you want to be one of the only people in the game to have one for the rest of this site's existence, we strongly recommend that you send us a quick e-mail and let us know you're interested in our Alpha and Beta Programs so that we can send you an invite code and you can claim your reward.

Once Saturday comes, we will be adding an entirely new promo item to the site, and nobody will ever be able to get this rare Decoration in-game again. Don't miss out!

And, as always, don't forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for exclusive updates on the game's development and sneak-peek screenshots.

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