New Promo Item!
Posted October 18th 2013 by Mordred Ocal

Over the past few days, a great deal of work has been accomplished on the Future Fleets Game, moving it ever closer to Beta Testing and, inevitably, launch.

Yesterday, we completed work on the Crew Quarters, Holodeck Training, in-game private messaging, in-game crew management, and Medical Console systems. Today, we were able to implement the full Item Management System.

In the Future Fleets game, items are extremely versatile and varied. They can be picked up, dropped, equipped, utilized (if they're an tool or instrument of some sort), hidden, stored in cargo, removed from cargo, purchased, sold, and used to decorate a room. We are still working on the Shop Management functionality, but we are very pleased to announce that the completion of preliminary work on the larger Item Management System means we can start handing out promo items!

To claim the first promo item, an in-game painting of Deep Space Nine and the USS Defiant (see news image) which you can use to decorate your character's quarters or office, simply create an account, register one or more of your existing characters, and select the glowing bar of gold-pressed latinum next to them on the Account Overview page. It's that easy!

Don't have an account yet? Send us an e-mail via the address on our Contacts page and we'll be happy to send you an Invitation Code to join our site. The Future Fleets Game will not be ready until at least December, but you can still stuff your character's inventory in preparation for launch!

Be sure to act quickly, though - this item will never be available again, so if you don't get it within the next week or so, you will lose your chance to win one forever!

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