Beta Weekend Updates
Posted October 12th 2013 by Raemet

This weekend marks the beginning of an Open Beta period for our long-awaited (even longer in development) Simm Database. In order to make sure things run smoothly, we have been making a number of changes to the site to try and improve as much as we can for our new users.

The following changes have been made to the site:


  • New theme customization functionality added to Fleet Profile pages.
  • New layout rolled out to Simm Profile pages.
  • New layout rolled out to Fleet Profile pages.
  • Improved error handling and rendering of member-only pages when a visitor isn't logged in.
  • Updated login logic to block attempts after three failures from any one location or for any one username.
  • Social media link added for www.thedatanetwork.co.uk, a new Star Trek-themed social networking site.


  • Updated the rules on our Registration page.
  • Updated the Status page.
  • Added more Future Fleets banners to our Affiliates page (hint hint).
  • Implemented a limit of one account per e-mail address to prevent abuse of Referral System.
  • Implemented a limit on the number of accounts that could be registered from any one physical location in a short period of time (again, to prevent abuse of the referral system).

We will continue posting to this thread as more changes are made this weekend.

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