New! Apply Off-Site
Posted October 10th 2013 by Mordred Ocal

One of the biggest concerns our Beta Testers had this summer was that the Open Position posts on our site required applicants to submit an application here. Then, if they actually liked the candidate, that person would also need to apply on the simm or fleet's official site.

This is now a thing of the past! When posting Open Positions on our site, users can now specify a URL which applicants can utilize to apply directly on the simm or fleet's website. And, if no URL is provided, then applicants can apply here, instead.

One of the last big changes we will be making prior to launching the Future Fleets Database will be a new Search Results page for Characters. We will also be making some format changes to the profile pages for simms and fleets so that both can more readily advertise themselves using the WYSIWYG editor we provide.

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