Database Upgrades
Posted October 9th 2013 by Mordred Ocal

Thanks to our amazing batch of Early Beta testers, the Future Fleets Simming Database is nearly ready for launch!

We got some great feedback over the past few months, and now we are going to spend some time tonight getting the final list of changes together so that we can prioritize them over the next two weeks.

The following changes have been specifically requested and highlight some of the bigger issues which arose during testing:

  • Direct links to apply on a simm or fleet's website.
  • Better search results for characters and fleets.
  • Better profile pages for characters, simms, and fleets (so players can really promote their stuff).
  • Easier management of simms/fleets.
  • "Active Since" field to denote actual year a simm/fleet was first created.

We will be making various other changes over the next two weeks, but these ones in particular have proven to be the biggest blockers for Early Beta testers who otherwise thought the Database was a great idea and could potentially be very beneficial to their respective simms and fleets.

We will also be adding some new classes and fleets to the database, so please let us know if we are missing any. Thanks!

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