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Posted October 7th 2013 by Mordred Ocal

This weekend, we began posting the first two entries in a series which will detail the in-character events which led up to the Future Fleets game. The series will feature characters from our development team's previous simms, but we will also be inviting our Beta Testers to lend their own posts to the series as we get closer to launch. There are a lot of twists and turns in store, so keep checking back for updates!

With respect to our efforts to upgrade the remnants of the original Future Fleets project to a new, more advanced version (v3), we were able to complete a lot of work this weekend. The Skill Training systems were converted over, so characters can now go to Starfleet Academy and use their character's starting skill points to learn talents. Next week, we will be converting the old Task System to FFv3, so all of the skills our Beta Testers are learning this week will come in very handy when they need to start repairing damaged ships and systems.

We also began preliminary work on the Holodeck systems this weekend. Characters can once again install new programs on their simms using any Isolinear Chip which contains a holoprogram. The next system we convert will be the actual training systems on the holodeck, which will allow characters to load any previously installed programs and train up any of their skills and most of their stats.

Finally, we were able to complete the conversion of the old Transporter systems to the FFv3. This includes all standard transporter functions (people, items, cargo) and site-to-site transporter functions (people, items, cargo, and auxiliary vessels).

Our current plan is to wrap up the week with work on the in-game Private Message system, the remaining in-game Simm Management functions, all Medical Console functions, and the remaining Holodeck functions. Next week, we will be working on converting the old Inventory, Task, and Shop systems, and we will restore the last of the console functions from the old version of the game, including Resource Mining and Simm Construction. Time permitting, we are also planning to begin our Code Review next week for all converted systems, and we would like to begin work on retheming the Explore, Console, Nearby Items, Nearby Components, Inventory, Character Summary, and Console Functions pages.

Frequent visitors to the site may also recall that we are planning on launching the Future Fleets Database later this month. Based on the feedback we received over the summer, we will be making some minor functional and theme changes to this portion of the site pre-launch, and we will also be starting to give more early-adopters special Beta Access to the game portion of the site.

Depending on the how well all of that goes, we are currently planning on spending all of November working on some exciting new in-game features which, among other things, will allow Alliances to claim/capture star systems and begin harvesting resources on an epic scale.

As always, keep checking back on the latest details, and don't forget to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook for behind-the-scenes updates and exclusive content!

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