Transporters Redux
Posted September 27th 2013 by Mordred Ocal

This week, we were able to complete work on the conversion of the V2 Sensor Systems to Future Fleets V3. This was a very basic conversion, so the results of scans for ships and star systems are painful to look at right now, but they work.

Once we finish the full conversion from V2 to V3, we will go back to all of these functions and actually make them look presentable - a long process which we are very much looking forward to. Until then, however, we must continue with our efforts to convert the remaining dozen or two console functions which do not have V3 variants.

Next up on our list of changes are the transporter functions which include all site-to-site commands (People, Items, Cargo, and Auxiliary Vessels) and the remaining standard transporter commands (which usually involve a transporter pad). We previously converted the transporter functionality for characters, so now we just have to convert the Item and Cargo transporter systems.

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