Battle System Converted
Posted September 22nd 2013 by Raemet

We are pleased to announce that we have completed preliminary work on the Future Fleets V3 Battle System. This means that our test ships are now able to engage in combat, inflict (and receive) battle damage, disable specific systems and components, and even destroy enemy units!

In the process, we have discovered a few minor bugs, and made some important notes on improvements we can make prior to launch.

We will now be able to divert our attention back to the remaining Console Functions which have not yet been converted, including the Medical, Sensor, Skill Management, and Holodeck systems. Our current estimate is that these remaining systems will take approximately two weeks to convert, and then we can go back over the code we've converted and ensure it is updated to our V3 standards.

Once that is complete, our next step will be to update the theme and presentation of all Console and Explore functions. Finally, we will wrap up development on the game by adding the remaining new features we have been designing behind-the-scenes.

Another thing to look out for in October will be the planned launch of the Future Fleets Database. We have blocked off some time following the initial conversion of the Future Fleets Game so that we can wrap up some lingering to-do's that had been placed on hold for a bit. Expect more information on that in the next few weeks.

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