The Future Fleets Game - Moving Forward
Posted August 31st 2013 by Mordred Ocal

Greetings, simmers!

After taking the summer off to work on other projects and take a break after a very busy spring, we are back at work and preparing for what we hope will be a very busy autumn.

As we did during previous seasonal development breaks, we used this opportunity to reassess various portions of the site and determine what the best path forward would be, given how testing and developement had been going previously. While we are still pleased to say that the Database portion of the site is very near a launch-ready state, the game portion of the site is still in a rough Alpha state from our last (failed) attempt to launch the site in 2011.

Originally, we had grand ambitions in mind. At launch, we wanted to have most of the known galaxy available for characters to find and interact with, plus all sorts of cool features and details that would have made the game remarkably massive in scope and functionality from the start. But then we experienced Alpha Testing in 2011 and realized that the game was far too complex and the galaxy far too massive for a normal person to jump in and understand it.

In 2012, when development resumed, and even into this year while work continued, we still hoped to give the first players of the game full access to a massive galaxy of locations, characters, and features, but now that we have had some time to reassess, we have decided to take a slower, more methodical approach.

This fall, with the Database portion of the site being nearly complete, we are going to focus on our efforts on a different kind of game for launch. It will still have many of the features we've promised all along, but with one key important difference - you will be a part of the game's development!

We are taking an "evolution of the Federation" approach to the game starting today. Instead of launching with massive, overly complex Galaxy-class starships, our players will have the choice to start with an NX-class starship or a freighter. This will give us time to work out the bugs with smaller, simpler ships and see what functionality needs to be added from there. We will start off with core Federation worlds and their star systems, giving players access to key locations early in the game, and allowing them to slowly explore outward. We will also start with fewer items, skills, and rewards, and then slowly expand the game as we get more volunteers to help us build and improve the site.

This is the only way we can ensure that such a massive undertaking is not rushed and done right, and in the true spirit of Star Trek, it will allow us to explore the unknown together, as a community.

We look forward to this exciting phase of development, and we will continue to post updates to this site as they become available.

Until then, please let us know if you are interested in trying out the Database Beta or potentially in helping us develop the site.

Thanks so much!


Aaron Pacheco
Lead Developer, The Future Fleets Project

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