New Pages Added
Posted May 8th 2013 by Mordred Ocal

We have added three new pages to the Future Fleets site in preparation for launch.

A Resources page has been added which provides simmers with links to third-party sites they might find useful. As we receive more feedback from our testers, additional resources will be added to the page. You can visit this page by clicking on the link in our footer.

We have also added an Affiliates page so that webmasters who want to help us advertise this site can use some of our custom images. We will also post links to Affiliate sites on this page if they are not included in our database.

Finally, a quick guide to calculating Stardates has been added, and you can now access it via a link on the Resources page.

We recently added a User's Guide to the members-only section of our site, and we are still working on two new pages to the guide for Simm maintainers and Fleet managers.

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