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The Future Fleets Game is a community-driven attempt at creating a self-sustaining, online version of the Star Trek Universe. In order to achieve this goal, we have implemented dozens of features intended to reproduce the excitement of living in the 24th century.

Customize Your Characters

Each character starts with specific statistics based off of their genetics. Some species are inherently stronger or more agile than others, so this is taken into account, as are the innate abilities of any species. Statistics can be increased in a few different ways - tasks, training, and missions, for example - and will make your character better or faster at specific tasks.

Develop Your Skills

Depending upon the department your character works for, they will be awarded some starter points to build up their skillset. As skills increase in level, related tasks will be completed more quickly, and some actions will be more powerful. The more often the skills are used, the more skill points that are earned, and the sooner you will be able to level it up.

Explore the World Around You

Characters can use the Explore panel to move around their environment. Federation characters start in San Francisco, and from there, they can visit various Starfleet facilities before beaming up to Earth Spacedock and, eventually, moving on to the ship which will take them out into the unknown.

Each facility, starship, and starbase has been painstakingly recreated with as much detail as possible, including location images, available space for items and cargo, proximity to other locations, consoles, and related components. Turbolifts move you between decks, and Jefferies Tubes and Access Hatches reveal hidden passages or systems.

Interact with Consoles

No starship or starbase would be complete without LCARS terminals which allow you interact with it. We have built a variety of consoles into the game with nearly 100 different functions you can use to interact with the world and players around you.

As you would expect, Tactical consoles allow you to manage and utilize shields and weapons, Helm Control consoles allow you to move ships and shuttles from planet to planet, and Operations consoles allow you to beam items and people to and from nearby locations. You can even manage power distribution between systems and components, scan for nearby planets and starships, assign quarters to your crew so that they can store their items, and dock with other vessels!

Purchase Items from Stores

Vendors peddle their merchandise in all sorts of locations around the Star Trek Universe, and you can use in-game currencies such as Influence or Latinum to buy them. Earn more influence by completing missions, and earn Latinum by selling or trading items to other players or in-game factions.

Install and Repair Components

Every ship and starbase has dozens of systems which are required to provide all of the various functions you will be using. Engineers and Operations personnel can learn to install and uninstall components, build them from spare parts, and repair and service them. Some can even be deconstructed for valuable parts you can use or sell elsewhere.

Training in the Holodeck

Characters can make their way to the nearest holodeck to start training programs. These tasks can last several hours, but when complete, you will have better stats or more skill points to spend on higher skill levels.

Manage Your Inventory

Characters can carry a limited number of items, and they can utilize many of them to interact with their environment and other players. Scanners can be used to scan things and people, phasers can be used to inflict damage, and medical devices can be used to heal people. You can even decorate rooms with items, hide items, grab things from cargo, and convert items to cargo.

Location-based Theme

As your character progresses beyond the confines of Earth, the site's theme will change accordingly. Worlds, anomalies, space stations, and other vessels will begin to appear to show you what's happening near the simm or planet you are on, and the blue LCARS-like theme, itself, will change when your characters arrive on alien or previous-era vessels.

The Future Fleets Database is dedicated to the community of Star Trek-themed online simulations which strive to continue telling the stories of the various TV series and movies. This portion of our site allows players, simms, and fleets to advertise themselves and connect like never before.

For Fleets

Our Fleet Management functionality allows you to advertise open positions and open simms in your fleet. Tell the world all about the things that make your fleet different from all the rest, and show off the amazing characters and simms that call your fleet home.

For Captains

It isn't easy to run a simm, and it can sometimes be painful to find quality players to join your crew. Use our tools to advertise your open positions and show your simm off to the world. Customize your profile to demonstrate what makes your simm unique.

For Simmers

Use the Future Fleets Database to search for the perfect simm, fleet, or open positions. Only like specific simm formats or eras? Customize your search to narrow down the results and find exactly what you're looking for. Proud of your character's accomplishments? Turn your profile page into a detailed history of their triumphs and show off the awards they've won.

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