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Last Updated: October 18th, 2013

Although we try very hard to create custom images for the Future Fleets site whenever possible, we sometimes have to utilize screenshots or images found online in order to provide a more enjoyable experience for our visitors.

Since we are a non-profit site that operates at a loss, we humbly ask that the owners of any images used on our site accept credit below in exchange for our use or modification of their work. If, at any time, the owner of an image appearing on our site wishes to have the image removed, or wishes to have their work properly credited, please contact us immediately and we will do our best to resolve the matter as quickly and amicably as possible.

While we have listed many URLs below to indicate the location of source files, we remind all visitors that the contents of these sites may have changed since we last accessed them and they may no longer exist or be safe to visit.

  • All rank images used on this site were created by Kuro-Chan of Kuro-RPG.net.
  • Old Federation Default Background derived from an original work by San Monku.
  • Most Starfleet Interiors: tnpir4000
  • Banner Background: Outer Space Wallpaper, www.wallpoper.com
  • Old Federation Default Background derived from an original work by San Monku.
  • Future Fleets Logo: Modified from 2390's Era Combadge, sb484.kersare.net
  • Deep Space Nine Over Bajor: hdwallpaper.ws
  • Deep Space Nine Promo Painting: The Light Works

Drydock Images
  • Galaxy-class: http://stexpanded.wikia.com
  • Intrepid-class: Model by Flat Eric and Nico Weigano, render and postwork by www.startrekdesktopwallpaper.com
  • NX-class: http://startrekuniverse.wikia.com/

  • Earth: www.wallsave.com
  • Moon: www.dl-digital.com/astrophoto/neximage-moons.htm

  • Astral-class, Celestial-class, Ethereal-class: wiki.tf-575.com
  • Constellation: evilgenius180.wordpress.com
  • Federation City: Sci-fi City, www.thefabweb.com
  • Insignia-class: Created by Mark Kingsnorth, www.markkingsnorth.com
  • Intrepid-class: http://puppyinmypocketfanon.wikia.com/wiki/USS_Voyager-A
  • Legacy-class: Created by Galen, Scifi-meshes.com
  • Lunar City: Moonbase by Chris Goff, futurlab.co.uk
  • MIDAS Array: suricatafx.com
  • NX-class: memory-beta.wikia.com
  • Orpheus-class Mining Base: guitarscanada.com
  • Sentinel-class, Interceptor-class: Stewart Baldwin (Narsil), Mavek, and Starship (http://starships.host.sk/).
  • Spacedock-class: foundation3d.com
  • Vesta-class: imperialstarfleetempire.wikia.com/

We sincerely apologize if we have mistakingly omitted any credits and invite you to contact us with any requests for credit or removal.

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