Dev Blog - Week Six
Posted March 9th 2013 by Raemet

This week's Dev Blog focuses on the upcoming Beta Testing period we have planned for April.

Before we actually begin testing the game portion of the site, we need to start building a strong userbase and recruit some dedicated, trustworthy testers. We will be adding a ton of new features to the site over the next few months as we prepare to officially launch the whole site later this year, but first, we need to make sure the basics work.

To that end, the first public feature we will be releasing is the Future Fleets Database. For those of you who have done ST-themed storytelling online before, you can probably relate to how difficult it is to find a good simm, fleet, or crew. The Future Fleets Database endeavors to simply that process as much as possible.

Members will be able to register their characters, simms, fleets, and open positions with our site. After their submissions have been approved by an Administrator who has confirmed that they really exist, the entries will begin showing up in visitors' search results. Visitors will be able to search for fleets, ships (by class, simm type, and fleet), characters, and open positions, and we will also be advertising the most popular search results on the front page of our site, along with some "of the moment" results so that random ships, characters, and fleets will get some exposure as well.

To help increase the size of the site as quickly as possible, we will also be finishing up work soon on the Refer-A-Friend feature, which allows you to send e-mails to anyone you think might be interested. The feature will be limited to only a few e-mail addresses a day so that it is not abused, but every referral that joins the site with your link will earn you credits which will be good toward in-game rewards.

All of these features are due out by the end of the month or early April, at the latest.

We are very excited to finally release these new features so that everyone can get a sneak peak of things to come. Keep checking back for more updates as we get closer and closer to Beta Testing, and keep an eye out for details on how you can get involved, too!

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