Development Blog - Week Five
Posted March 9th 2013 by Raemet

Welcome back!

It has been a few months since the last major installment of the Dev Blog, so we did not want to disappoint with the first big post of 2013.

Now, if you have been reading our news items, you already know that the development team has been hard at work this winter revising our strategy for launch and revamping the site. During that time, it was decided that we would bring back an old feature which was abandoned back in 2011 when we shifted our focus to completing the game instead of working on anything else. Needless to say, we have seen the error of our ways, and we have decided to breathe new life into the dream that once was - the Future Fleets Database.

The concept is quite simple - give members the ability to post to and search through a database containing a plethora of information about Star Trek-themed simulations and characters which exist outside of Future Fleets. Players with their own characters and simms can register them here, not only reserving their names and their places in the game, but also allowing other players to find them and learn more about them. It is our hope that this will help up build up the game's user base before the game is launched, and help us spread the word about our site.

Key Features:

  • Search for characters by alliance, fleet, simm, name, or area of expertice
  • Search for simms by name, alliance, fleet, and class
  • Search for open positions by name, alliance, fleet, ship class, ship, and department
  • Search for fleets by name and alliance
  • Register your fleet, simm, character, and open positions for others to find

We will also be adding functionality which grants you credits you can use in-game whenever you register your established character, simm, or fleet here, or when you refer a friend and they perform any of those actions, themselves. Two important things to keep in mind, though - eligible actions are subject to Admin confirmation and approval before rewards will be dispensed, and any character, simm, or fleet registered with the site must be have been previously established outside of Future Fleets to earn full credit. There are no rewards for creating new fleets, simms, or characters here which have not been established by you elsewhere.

So, what will these credits be good toward, you ask? We have some ideas in mind, ranging from smaller prizes like limited-access in-game decorations and items to larger prizes like Beta game access and potentially even in-game positions at Starfleet.

That is all for this weekend's edition of the Dev Blog. Have a great weekend, and don't forget to check back for more news in the days to come.

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