Development Blog - Week Three
Posted August 26th, 2012 by Raemet
About a week has passed since our last big update - the launch of our new theme. In the time since, we have completed a number of minor updates to the game section of the site, as well as some tweaks to the theme which will (eventually) make their way to the public section of the site once they've been thoroughly tested.

With the relatively simple public pages behind us, we spent most of this week rebuilding the Account Overview page from scratch. We started with the same layout at the front page of the site, and then we began modifying it to suit the needs of a user portal. For instance, where there is an "About" section on the front page, there will be a list of all characters on the Account Overview page. Each character summary will show their name, positions, fleet assignment, location, task status, and whether or not they have any pending requests, applications, or messages.

Thankfully, a lot of the more complex logic and database queries which compose this section were able to be salvaged, but we needed to update them so that they were leaner, more efficient, and more secure. We are pretty impressed with the final result of that section, and once we're done testing the theme against various screen sizes, we'll push the updates we made there to the public section of the site.

The Account Overview page will also serve a number of other purposes. Aside from giving you the option to see the status of your characters and activate whichever one you want to play as, you will also be able to edit their profiles (to a degree), change your password, search through simm listings, and search through character databases. We will also post important game announcements on this page, and this is where the Add Character functionality will eventually land.

Essentially, this portion of the site will be our focus for about one more month. Then, once complete, we can finally move on to updating and improving the game, itself.
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