Plan for Launch
Posted November 3rd 2013 by Raemet

It's November! And that means the Beta Launch of the Future Fleets game is about one month away!

After a few days off, we are gearing up for an exceptionally busy five week period, during which time we will complete what few items are left in the conversion of the game from its old, unreleased version (FFv2) to the latest and most advanced version (FFv3). This includes the old chat, Shipyard, and Workbee console functions.

Most of the rest of the next month, however, will be focused entirely on the development of new features. Right now, the game is just a functional shell. You can interact with things, you can move around, but there is no real purpose yet to these actions. We are going to spend about four weeks changing that, one new feature at a time.

Missions, planetary resource mining, exploration, reputation, alliance expansion, colonization, and trade... these are all planned out and now just need to be implemented. And then the fun begins.

When we officially launch the Early Beta version of the game, players will find themselves in the center of a Starfleet complex in San Francisco. They will be able to move from building to building, learning more about the game and preparing their characters for whatever adventures await them.

Once ready, you'll need to visit Starfleet HQ and beam up to Earth Spacedock. It is here that a slew of shops and offices have been set up where characters can stock up on supplies and request their first series of missions. These training exercises will give players a better understanding of what functions are available to them by providing a sub-light shuttlecraft they can use to navigate around the Sol System and complete their goals.

Once the missions in the training series are complete, that character will be awarded a voucher they can redeem for a larger, fully functional shuttlecraft with high warp capabilities. This vessel will be their key to the unknown, for the events leading up to the release of Future Fleets have left the Federation extremely vulnerable...

What happens next will be almost entirely up to you! We will be populating various parts of the Federation with new worlds and old which players will need to explore with their various characters in order to amass resources and allies and find out more about what has happened since the final post in our series (coming soon, by the way!). Some people may want to go it alone, while others will want to work together to ensure their mutual protection and success. No one player can have every skill at the start of the game, so players will become reliant upon each other to advance deeper into space in search of safe zones and larger ships.

More details will be revealed as we get closer to the launch of Early Beta in December (tenative), but we wanted to wet your appetites before we begin work on the last batch of new features which will make this all possible.

Don't forget to keep checking back for the latest details, and keep reading our Prologue blog posts for more information about the backstory for our game. We will also be posting behind-the-scenes updates on Twitter and Facebook, so don't forget to Follow and Like us on both for the most up-to-date news on our progress.

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