The Next TV Series?
Posted October 12th 2013 by Aiden Venton

With all of the work we have been doing on the site, it's nice to take a break and get back in touch with the Star Trek community and the latest news.

Today, we stumbled across an interesting fan-based initiative to try and get a new Star Trek series, set after Star Trek: Voyager, into production. Entitled Star Trek: Titan, this series would feature a Luna-class starship, not unlike the USS Aeon featured on our website this week. In fact, the name of the ship in our default Luna-class image is the namesake Titan!

If you visit the Facebook page of the project, you'll see some concept art and video clips which are intended to give you an idea of what can happen if the project gets enough funds to produce a short promotional video. The highlight is this demo by The Light Works on YouTube:


Since we are a fan-based project, ourselves, we had to advertise this one to help build some momentum for it.

That said, let's take a look at the things working against this project:

  1. CBS Studios sold pretty much everything they owned from the five previous TV series. If they do decide to fund another, it'd basically be starting from scratch.
  2. Star Trek Online and a few book series are all that's left of the "Prime" timeline. If a new series is made, it would likely introduce new canon which invalidates storylines in either or both of those media.
  3. The Star Trek relaunch franchise is still chugging along. It's been a huge success, and it's unlikely CBS Studios will risk damaging a successful movie franchise or confusing the latest generation of Trekkies and Trekkers with a new TV series set in a completely different timeline.

As Star Trek fans, ourselves, we would like nothing more than to see what really happened after Voyager came home and Romulus was destroyed, but given all of the above, we have to believe (begrudgingly) that CBS is going to pilot the J.J. Abram's version of the USS Enterprise until the warp nacelles fall off. If we were going to bet all our latinum on this one, we'd unfortunately have to wager it on there not being a Star Trek TV series set in the original timeline until at least a few years after the movie franchise is officially over. That's assuming they don't do a reboot of The Next Generation.

All of that said, however, we are still going to hope against hope that something pans out for Star Trek: Titan, or, at the very least, another series like it. Star Trek is, more than anything else, the story of hope. Hope that the world will one day be a happy, peaceful place. Hope that one day, maybe, we will reach those tiny speckling lights in the night sky.

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